ORCA Apex Float 2023 Wetsuit - Male


ORCA Apex Float 2023 model wetsuit.

Terms of Pre Order deal:

Numbers are limited in NZ. Make sure you get a new wetsuit for the 2022/23 season by pre-ording and locking in a wetsuit.

Your Credit Card will be charged immediately $999.99 (+ shipping) at checkout. You will receive the suit by Mid November or earlier.

Please be totally aware, and to re-iterate - you will not receive the wetsuit until Mid November 2022 or perhaps a little earlier (at our discretion).


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The Apex Float wetsuit is the wetsuit with the highest buoyancy in the Orca range. This wetsuit incorporates specific technologies for maximum buoyancy and correction of technique, helping swimmers who need support in order to maintain a hydrodynamic position in open water. It also incorporates highly elastic materials in the upper body, allowing for unrestricted swim strokes.

The Float family is ideal for those who are just starting out in triathlon or swimming. This solution is for swimmers who are not completely comfortable in the water and are looking for a wetsuit that can help correct their technique. Float provides extra buoyancy to help them achieve a stable position in the water, which greatly improves their performance. Although flexibility is important, when you don’t have a perfect technique and your stroke isn’t polished, buoyancy becomes the most determining factor in improving time.

The use of these different technologies provides more flexibility, maintaining a constant buoyancy. Designed for Natural Swimmers, the result is an unmatched sense of freedom.


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