ORCA PreOrder Special - S7 2021 Wetsuit - Female

PRE-ORDER a S7 2021 model wetsuit.

 Pre Ordering your suit now.

Terms of Pre Order deal:

Your Credit Card will be charged immediately $ 399.99 (+ shipping) at checkout. You will receive the suit by Late October.

Please be totally aware, and to re-iterate - you will not receive the wetsuit until Late October 2020 or perhaps a little earlier (at our discretion).

Our standard Warranty applies.

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The S7 is an alternative to the 3.8 for the Progressive Swimmer. This type of swimmer needs extra buoyancy, so the S7 was designed to elevate the position of the triathlete in the water without compromising elasticity when it comes to swim strokes. The perfect tool to make sure swimming doesn't slow you down.

The SCS coating on the neoprene, typical of high-end suits, reduces friction and helps to increase speed. Its micro-cellular structure repels water and creates less restriction when moving forward.

ZERO CHAFING The lining in the neck area reduces friction and the likelihood of chafing. The material is soft to the touch and better for contact with the skin.

BUOYANCY The S7 corrects your positioning, elevating you as much as possible. The 5-mm thick neoprene, used in the hips and legs, helps keep your lower body at the surface at all times. The 3-mm thick panel, located on the chest, prevents your body from swaying due to improper breathing.

FLEXIBILITY The 2-mm Yamamoto panels, with 39-cell SCS lining on the forearms, shoulders and arms, combined with a flexible liner, maintain mobility and improve flexibility.

SPEED Yamamoto's Hydrolite 39-cell Panels, placed in the lower legs, make transitions faster. Removing the wetsuit is now is easier than ever.

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