ORCA Wetsuit Recycling

Recycling is a thing.

You probably know that.
Orca recognise that once your wetsuit has had its day maybe there is something more that can be done with it.  When neoprene becomes old and stiff and full of holes and you've replaced it, and you have perhaps 3 or 4 old worn out wetsuits in your garage but you can't bring yourself to throw them, because, well, you just can't.


So what can you do?


Orca Wet suit recycling


We are using the facility of Terra Cycle to upcycle old wetsuits. A worldwide company that takes such dilemmas seriously.

We will provide an incentive for you:

Send in to us your old wetsuit and you will get 15% off a new Orca wetsuit.

This is not a brand loyalty scheme - the suit you send in does not have to be an ORCA suit. Once received you will be sent a code for use on our website to reward you for doing the right thing.


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It's as simple as that... You send us your wetsuits; We re-purpose them via Terra Cycle; We send you a discount code for a new wet suit for use on this website


The world is a slightly better place...


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