ORCA SizeFit Terms and conditions

One of the main issues with ordering a wetsuit on-line is the question "Will it actually fit?"
Yes, the suit looks to be the right size going by our size chart but the reality can be different as all bodies are different. Weight and height and a chest measurement often don't cut it.
So to make life easier when deciding we have developed a service through which you can be more confident of ordering an ORCA wet suit online.

Contact us with a detailed explanation of which part of the suit is not fitting as you imagined.

If, after contact, return the suit complete with all packaging -

  • ORCA NZ pays for the cost of return and arranges pick up through our courier service.

Upon receipt of the suit, we check the suit for damage and all packaging to ensure it is 'as new'. We send a new suit as per your advised new size. OR...
We provide a 100% refund.

What if...
Upon receipt of the returned wetsuit we find it damaged (tear, finger nail damage).

  • the suit will be returned to you or we come to a fair, financial agreement.

Upon receipt the packaging is missing or badly damaged.

  • We understand how the real world works and how the excitement of opening a package works. We will take all such packaging problems on a case by case basis.

Our utmost priority is to send our customers out into the water with the correct size suit and a smile on their face.

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