ORCA Apex Flex 2024 Wetsuit - Female (Formally the Orca Alpha)


ORCA Apex Flex 2024 model wetsuit.


Formally the Orca Alpha

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The Apex Flex wetsuit is the most flexible of the entire Orca range. It is designed for the most technical swimmers, those who benefit from more flexibility and who do not need extra buoyancy. The construction of the short, inverted zipper allows for a more elastic design. This, in combination with the most flexible materials on the market with the most hydrodynamic properties, make it the fastest wetsuit for the best open water swimmers.

The Orca Flex range is specifically designed for swimmers who have no technical deficiencies and who maintain a correct position in the water, horizontal and elevated. These swimmers need extra flexibility so that their kicking technique is not affected by other factors. This range is focused on flexibility, without altering the swimmer’s position or buoyancy.


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