ORCA Squad Openwater Junior Wetsuit


The Openwater Core Swimskin is the ideal suit for safely swimming in warm waters without sacrificing the benefits of a wetsuit. This wetsuit features high visibility, flexibility in the shoulders and buoyancy in the torso.

Unisex Sizing


The high-visibility orange sleeves will make it easy to see and locate the children in open water at all times, giving you and your children further reassurance of their safety.

The SQUAD OW, designed and made entirely of Yamamoto neoprene, is extraordinarily warm, thanks to its 2-2.5 mm thickness. Because it has been designed specifically for children and is available only in children's sizes, your little ones will be able to enjoy longer swimming sessions without you having to worry about the cold.

For greater flexibility, this wetsuit features high-elasticity materials, which allow children to enjoy the ocean with total freedom of movement.

Category: 2024, Openwater

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